Friday, March 5, 2010

Cullman mural projects

Artist Bethany Kerr with her mural on Newman's Cleaners.

Here are the murals planned for downtown Cullman:

Newman's Cleaners:
Welcome to Cullman

Ames and Ames Law Office, 2nd Ave., SW:
Five paintings of historic buildings that no longer exist: Kinney Mule Barn, Werdt's Deli, first Fire Station, First Courthouse, Dinckelburg's Christmas Store and the magnolia tree

First Federal Parking Lot wall:
Train, German Bank, Col. Cullmann's home

Fricke's Law Office, north side:
USS Cullman ship

Community Shoppers' Guide:
First school building and school yard in Cullman city, to be painted by school children

Repainting vintage signs on historic buildings
no longer in operation but building remains, all over town, especially in the Warehouse District

Old Cullman Banana Supply building in the Warehouse District

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